Commerce Acceleration

Purpose-Built for Commerce
so you know that your data is always transported securely and PCI compliant
Optimized Network Design
so you can deliver content quickly and reliably
Unparalleled Visibility & Flexibility
so you can respond to business changes more effectively
World-Class Customer Experience
so you can rest assured that we're taking care of any issues

Drive Your Commerce Business with Speed and Security

Built to Scale with Your Business

It’s no secret that commerce is continuing to grow. Making sure that your business is in the best possible position to grow online is not a simple task. There are a lot of competing considerations:

  • Shoppers want rich content experiences like interactive tools and video, which drive up website size and slow down performance.
  • With shoppers coming to your site through a continually expanding list of devices, making your website work for every screen is increasingly complex.
  • Malicious hackers are evolving, making it critical to protect your online store and keep it accessible. And the motivations for attacks are evolving as well to include more than financial gain.
  • Shoppers want personalized experiences, which means how well you use data can make the difference between good and great sales.

Our Commerce Acceleration Solution:

The Verizon Commerce Acceleration Solution is built around the Verizon TRANSACT product, a purpose-built Content Delivery Network (CDN) service focused on commerce.

  • Restricted to commerce website traffic: NO co-mingling with non-commerce traffic
  • PCI Level 1 Certified
  • Operational protocols specific to commerce, like holiday code freezes

With the Commerce Acceleration Solution, our CDN service is supported by other products that together give you and your shoppers a remarkable experience through features such as:

Optimized, Next-Generation Network Design

  • Distributed Super PoPs (points of presence): Great performance, reliability and scale
  • Patented Algorithms: Tried-and-true efficiency

Unparalleled Flexibility

  • No Black Box: You have control and can make things as simple or complex as you need
  • Lua Scripting Engine: Customize and innovate with your own rules

World-Class User Experience

  • Better performance through Internet Protocol- (IP)-based user routing
  • Resilience/failover through multi-homed networks
  • Performance/availability through open peering policies

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Store your content globally and securely and have your assets directly connected to our lightning-fast global delivery platform.



The fastest way to deliver your online content


Verizon ROUTE

Fastest and most reliable enterprise-class Domain Name Service (DNS)



Control as simple or as complex as you need it


Verizon DEFEND

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Fastest X.509 (SSL/TLS) OCSP certificates to address your key data encryption need



A purpose-built Content Delivery Network (CDN) dedicated to commerce traffic.


Want a faster and more secure commerce website?